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I haven't made or done anything since December '08, but you should see what I have up my's not a you there didn't I?

Current Project As of now

2009-02-03 16:46:01 by HoldinJohnson

FarSnipe - In the Works
Wheel Chair Hero - In the Works

Current Projects

2008-12-03 15:18:03 by HoldinJohnson

Grow A Tree 2 - Done
Grow A Tree 3 - Cancelled
FarSnipe - In Production.......
Mario's Castle Aide - Done
The Complex - Game and/or Animation Series - TBA

Current Projects

Grow A Tree 2

2008-11-24 17:30:01 by HoldinJohnson

Grow A Tree 2 IS OUT.......WAS OUT, it didn't get blammed, i'm redoing it.